HZD750 Hazardous Utility Vacuum Cleaner
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HZD750 Hazardous Utility Vacuum Cleaner 

The HZD750 (previously named the HZDQ750) is a large industrial specification hazardous vacuum that features twin motors, and this increased performance allows the vacuum to operate with longer hose lengths without a loss of suction. 

It features an all steel build that includes the trolley, drum and head, making it very durable and capable of dealing with industrial environments. The tubular steel chassis can be released quickly and easily when required, and the trolley also features large wheels allowing rough terrain to be negotiated with ease. 

The HZDQ750 features H13 Hepa filtration with a 99.95% retention rate, essential when working with hazardous dust. The primary filter bag is easily changed, inexpensive and readily available. The bag system on this machine makes emptying the vacuum easy and safe. Dust caps seal the drum and power head preventing contaminants from escaping the machine during transport. 

Key Features:

  • All Steel Construction - Durable and ready for industrial use. 
  • Twin Motors - Better performance with longer hose lengths.
  • Significant Capacity - Empty the machine less often.


Motor Power 2 x 960 W
Weight 22kg
Suction 2500 mm
Airflow 98L/sec
Power Source 230V AV 50/60Hz (110V Available)
Cleaning Range 26.8 m
Capacity Dry 35L
Height 960mm
Width 510mm
Length 510mm