408 High Power Vacuum Cleaner

408 High Power Vacuum Cleaner

408 High Power Vacuum Cleaner
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 408 commercial vacuum cleaner can easily cope with various environments such as commercial, industrial, workshop, warehouse, etc., 4800W commercial high-power upgraded dual copper wire motor is durable and stable. Double-channel cooling fan blades, strong and stable heat dissipation, dual-channel suction, strong suction and cleaner.

Multi-speed adjustment, free choice, saving time and effort. Intelligent pressure relief design, safe operation without burning the machine. Multiple filtration, clean air and prevent pollution. Thicken the cable for stable transmission.

Product Features:

- High-quality dual-motor pure copper wire.

- Double fan blades for suction.

- Intelligent pressure relief design.


Product Parameters
Rated Voltage 220 v – 50 Hz
Barrel Capacity 70/80/100 L
Barrel Material /
Rated Power 4800 W
Wire length 8
Type of dust collection /
Vacuum Degree 23.1 KPA
Product Weight 30/32/36 KG
Noise Level 82 dB
Product Size 600*505*840 MM