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Window Wash Sleeves

Microfiber wash sleeves with massive window washing potential.

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Product Description

Microfibre Wash Sleeves – These sleeves can hold up to 8 times their weight in dirt, dust and moisture, offering massive window washing potential. Microfibre is environmentally friendly with excellent cleaning results and minimum use of chemicals. High water absorbency, washable and lint-free. Microtiger adds a scrub-stripe filament for extra cleaning power. Standard Wash Sleeves – Practical everyday wash sleeves, plush woven synthetic pile offering high water absorbency for fast dirt removal. Machine washable and lint-free for top class window wash results every time. Wash Sleeves with Scrubbing Action – Integral blue scrubbing strip for extra cleaning power. Both Standard and Scrubbing Action Sleeves designed to fit Window Wash Applicator Handle sold above.