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Urban 6000

On the road Sweeper with “mechanical suction” for urban and industrial cleaning



A large road sweeper, full of avant-garde technologies, is equipped with Mercedes Engine, Electronic Dashboard and with an interesting patent, which increases the quality performances of the sweeper. The waste container is made in stainless steel AISI 304. The capacity of the hopper is 6 mc. The load capacity, or the actual total internal volume of the container wastes, allows the maximum running time before discharge.

The machine comes with 4 cylinders – Mercedes Engine. It also has an option of adding on hydraulic dumping system capable of reaching a height up to 2.4 mtrs. It covers the sweeping width from 2600 to 3550mm with an optional 3rd brush.

The ergonomic and soundproof cabin is equipped with large windows giving the operator an excellent visual control of all the sweeping. Manufactured with a steel support chassis, it is amortized in the front and rear parts by means of a hydraulic pump that allows an easy access to:

– Engine;

– Batteries;

– Mechanical parts;

– Water and hydraulic fluid radiator;

The action of sweeping is done with a roller brush equipped with a patented system called “CDS” Clever Detective System; which gives an effective control of the brush pressure on the ground specially while sweeping over humps. The sweeper has also two side brushes plus a third front brush that can move and clean on both sides of the machine & mechanic conveyor for the sweeping of the solid materials, assisted by a suction system, with turbines, for the aspiration of the powders, which are then retained by a filtering system, composed of a great filter in polyester fabric that can filter fine powder up to 3 micron. It comes with the possibility to add on the “Green Filter” consists of a filter with special material which is water-repellent that can filter even the finest powders making filtration possible upto 1 micron. Equipped with high-pressure washing system with lance, you can wash the sweeper without having to go back to the garage and also use it for washing activities.

The cabin has a modern look, with 3 spacious and comfortable seats, including the driver, and air conditioning as standard.

ISAL 6000 has reached the road homologation and it is now ready to be On The Road!