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TTB 6055

Easy-to-use controls combined with professional cleaning.

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Product Description

The 55cm (20”) size of TwinTec is becoming more and more popular and, in support of this, we have introduced two new models with 60 liter capacity, a 50% increase over the 40 liter models and available in both traction (TTB6055T) and non-traction (TTB6055) specifications.

Both models of TTB6055 have 60 liter capacity and a 55cm (20”) single brush scrubbing path, dual brush pressure selection, built in battery charging, easy fill and easy emptying facilities, with added traction power drive for the 6055T model which would be essential if inclines or ramps are involved.

• Simple Operator Controls – 2 switches for Vacuum and Water.
• On-board Charging – Convenient and easy, just plug and go.
• Gel Batteries – Up to 2.25hr runtime, 8hr charge time.
• Flexi fill System – Easy filling and emptying with flexi fill system.
• Battery and Hour Meter – Simple clear hour/battery indicator.
• Traction Drive System – Makes the cleaning of inclines safer and easier (TTB6055T).