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TRO 650

A more user friendly ride-on scrubber dryer would be hard to find. Designed to provide long, simple and reliable service day in day out whatever the environment.

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Product Description

The TRO650G is based on the well established engineering of the Vario model but simplified to provide a truly professional, cost effective workhorse. You can vary the water flow and the operating speed to suit a whole host of conditions from big areas lightly soiled to heavy duty scrubbing in more arduous conditions. The TRO650G is blessed with a commanding operator driving position, front wheel traction drive, a magnificent turning circle and one pass performance that really will ensure you get the standard you want, exactly when you want it… and fast.

• Twin Brush – 650 twin brush power head cleaning system.
• Easy Brush Access – Easy side access to brushes for maintenance.
• Controlled Cleaning – Fully adjustable water flow rate.
• On-board Charging – Easy and convenient, just plug and go. Fully sealed low maintenance Gel batteries.
• Simple Operator Control – Full dashboard control with soft touch Nutronic controls.
• Safety Features – Emergency stop button, power off removable key, horn button and hazard warning light and built in reversing alarm are just a few of the many safety features included.
• Easy Maintenance – Easy access to batteries and fuses for maintenance.