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26″ Wide Area Vacuum

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Product Description

Change the tide on vacuuming with the NuWave. This is just the machine for the job when you need to vacuum medium-sized areas. The wide 26 inch vacuum path makes quick work of any area while still being small enough and maneuverable enough to fit in tighter areas. Optional accessory tools allow for detail work, preventing the operator from having to return to the storage closet for a different machine.

Vacuum performance
• Dual counter-rotating brushes agitate, lift and clean both sides of the carpet nap removing 50% more soil in one pass
• Two proprietary designed 1.1 hp vacuum motors deliver higher air flow for deep carpet cleaning
• Productivity of 9,300 ft2/hr, perfect for large areas

Ease of operation
• Floating brush deck maintains constant contact with carpet surface and requires no operator adjustments

Thoughtful design
• Handle folds over bag housing for compact storage
• Optional accessory tools available
• Easy bag removal, 98% filtration bag improves air quality